Gitane opened its doors in the summer of 2009.  Gitane’s founder, Malika, started her career at a young age in the fashion district of Paris.  Since 1986 she has worked at several retail boutiques in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Malika based the store on the concept of mothers and daughters shopping together.  This idea has allowed the store to evolve into a cozy gathering place where everyone, no matter what age, shape, or size, can find something they adore.IMG_1303

Gitane’s individuality is marked by touches of Parisian influence, vibrant splashes of color radiating from wall to wall, and rotating local artwork exhibits.  Even our youngest visitors can find something of interest in our kid’s corner filled with books, toys, and crayons.  The clothes offered at Gitane are sourced from a variety of places from the Bay Area to Los Angeles and beyond.  We are also proud to offer a handful of eco-friendly lines.  Jewelry is frequently brought in from local vendors.  Local and independent business is a concept that Gitane values highly.

The team at Gitane consists of a handful of people from an array of different  backgrounds who all come  together everyday under the  premise that they are creating a  multi-faceted living space for their  customers, not just a store that  sells clothes.  We pride ourselves on being passionate about the service we give to our customers. It is our mission at Gitane that everyone walks  through our door to relax and  enjoy one another’s company and walks out feeling inspired and looking  great.