About Evelyne Consorti

As our featured artist for our upcoming holiday party in Menlo Park this Wednesday, December 19th, we thought we’d share a little about Evelyne with you. Here is a short bio!

I was born and raised in Marseilles, France. In 1987 I moved to California with my husband and three children and ever since it became our home. Although I do not have a formal art training, where ever we lived (Arizona, Michigan in the US as well as Milan, Italy and Paris, France) I took art classes, and learnt each time more from artists from very different backgrounds. Along the years I developed my own personal technique with a strong emphasis on “chiaro/scuro”.

Where do I find my inspiration : most of the time it will be a simple object that catches my attention in a flea market. It will be the beginning of a story, related to my childhood (the dolls series) or to a culture I am fascinated with. Very influenced by Asian art, my meanderings in San Francisco’s Chinatown and Japan town influence my choice of themes. I try to convey the richness of silk in the beautiful kimonos. the smoothness of ceramic in bowls and carved wood in traditional kokeshi dolls or the softness of the children slippers, always sharing my emotions

I work in acrylics, juxtaposing layers of medium and color to achieve a sense of depth My colors are mostly warm : hues of red, orange and brown . Using a knife or a brush, depending on my mood or maybe the kind of music I am listening to while painting.

I wish the viewer to feel a sense of harmony, beauty and peace and above all an emotion.