Get to Know our Featured Artist


“My name is Julia Dio.
Photography is my passion and the true love of my life.
I was born and raised in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and my first camera was given to me on my 8th birthday. This was my birthday wish, so I could start capturing everything I saw.
When I was 12 years old, my father and I were processing and printing my black and white photographs in the dark room.
Later in life I was traveling a lot , and I always had a big pile of photographs from every trip. When I moved to California 4 years ago, I was amazed by the beautiful nature here. I fell in love with this colorful landscape and can not stop photographing it.
People still rank high on my list of subjects, as I love to capture weddings, engagements and other special moments, where there is a lot of love, feelings, and emotions…
Photography is something that you can learn about throughout your life. I always try to improve my technical and artistic skills. It’s also great way of communication, knowing and understanding more about human nature and life…
I’m happy when I can show people the beauty of life”