Introducing…Show the Love Jewelry

We have added yet another beautiful jewelry collection to our offerings at Gitane.  Show the Love is a local jewelry line with a powerful message.

“STL Jewelry is an external reflection of the beauty, magic and power that women possess on the inside. Women are innately beautiful and if they feel that way inside and out, they will receive the respect and love they deserve and easily reach their potential and fulfill their dreams.

STL jewelry emphasizes positive affirmations, invokes girl power and is crafted with recycled metals and ethically sourced stones. Each piece is our own design and many of them are one of-a-kind signed keepsakes. The pieces are individually named to express a feeling or sentiment. Our hope is that by wearing STL jewelry daily, women will be inspired to ‘Show the Love’ for themselves, for others and for the Earth.”

We love that each piece has a unique story behind it and aims to empower it’s owner as well as push them to find more meaning in the everyday.  In addition to being an eco-concious company, STL jewelry also donates proceeds from special pieces to various charities.  Look for Show the Love jewelry at our new Menlo Park location starting in July, in the meantime take a peek at some of the jewelry you can expect to see at our store!

“Be Still My Beating Heart” – A reminder to show love to those that you cherish

“Child of the Universe” – Inspired by the Desiderata poem, symbolizing self-worth and a right to happiness

“What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?” – A good luck charm that reminds us to follow our aspirations

*all photos provided by Show the Love Jewelry