Introducing…My First Diamond by Laluna

My First Diamond is a jewelry line designed by Laluna of Nice, France that features jewelry with the playful juxtaposition of bright plastics and diamonds.  The design was entered in a competition geared toward children’s fashion in September 2011, and since then has been quickly gaining notoriety in magazines and on websites with children and adults alike.  The bracelet is completely adjustable and comes in 14 interchangeable colors ranging from girly, feminine pinks to darker more muted colors that have even been popular in men’s fashion.  We love the versatility that the My First Diamond bracelet has in its ability to be glamorous yet fun and perfect for everyday wear.  It’s also a great gift for all ages that can be worn for years to come.  Gitane is so excited to be the very first retailer in Northern California and one of the first in the country to carry these fabulous bracelets in our stores.