Gitane Supports Spark SF

We wanted to take an opportunity to explain a little bit about a volunteer organization that Malika has dedicated her time to.  Spark “seeks to build a community of young, global citizens who are invested in changing patterns of inequality that impact women throughout the world.”  You can get a more in-depth overview of the organization here.  If you have a moment you can also check out their blog.  Malika has brought on an intern to show them the ins and outs of running a small business like Gitane once a week for the past two years and she has spoken about her involvement in Spark as being “a really rewarding experience.”  Malika believes that more businesses should look into getting involved with Spark because of how easy the program makes it for business owners with a lot of day to day priorities to give back to our youth.

Spark will also be holding a Speaker Series on February 2nd at Stanford University! Get more info here